September 21, 2008

So much to write, so little time...

We've been busy this past week and it looks like this next week is not going to get any better. Most importantly, Jakey finally had his Pulmonary appointment this past Monday. It's another post in itself and since there is some follow up stuff that I'm still waiting on, I'll do just that and devote an entire post to this topic later.
We had two other appointments this week, one for me (physical therapy...go figure)and another for Jakey, who was seen for a cold (but no ear infections, yeah!). So three appointments in one week is enough for a mom of two little ones and who also works. Those were the big things but when you add all the extra little things, the week gets hectic.

Friday night we went out to dinner and I left my purse at the restaurant. I didn't realize it until this morning and now it can't be found. It has EVERYTHING in it! My cell phone, wallet full of credit cards, my drivers licence, PT license, gift cards(ouch!), paycheck, planner, checkbook, SS card, some of my MAC make-up (this one makes me cry), etc. Needless to say, David and I were busy making phone calls earlier today. It's a mess and it sucks!

Tomorrow Jakey and I have an appointment with 3 people from Ca Early Start. It's a program that provides various services for children who qualify. I'm not even sure what they can do for Jakey at this point, I guess I'll learn more tomorrow. I can see him needing speech therapy in the future but maybe it's never too early to start. Hey (light bulb flashing)... maybe that's why it's called "early start."

That's a little insight into our lives right now. I know some of you have been asking about David and the academy. He'll be in week 10 with only 15 more to go. He still hates it but with each week he gets closer to the end. For those of you who haven't seen him in a while, he shaved his head and has lost around 35 pounds. I think he looks pretty darn hot!

I hear Daniel waking up from his nap so off I go again but I'll leave you all with some pictures of the boys getting into trouble in the pantry, past and present. They are so alike in so may ways.

Daniel: 11 months (taken back in 3/2007)

Daniel: 11 months (taken back in 3/2007)

Jakey: 10 months (taken in 9/2008)


Larissa Annen said...

so where are the pictures of your hubby? :) i wanna see what the academy does to a man!

Sources of Joy said...

Adorable pics! Thanks for being so open here; and that stinks about your purse! I'm with you on the loss: the SS card, etc is a pain to lose, but the gift certificates and makeup? That's just downright unthinkable. And it's very cute how you think David is pretty darn hot. After all these years, two kids, and a whole lot of stress in your lives right now. "Just keep swimming" (my deep thoughts for the day)

Destini said...

A week of appts is definitely no fun and I can't imagine actually losing everything in my purse, how awful! Trace started with physical therapy through the WV Birth to Three program when he was 9 mos old and I think they helped him alot. He still sees PT twice a month and has OT three times - two of those is hippotherapy (horse riding therapy) for balance and trunk strength. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Early On is a wonderful program here in Miichigan. Owen has had physical and occupational therapy for over a year now and he's doing great. Hope it works as well for your cute little guy!

Owen W's grandma

Anonymous said...

Hey Jane,
I haven't been faithfully reading your blog so took some time today and caught up on all your news and pics. :)
Love you!
Mary Agbovi