August 16, 2010

Kids Are The Best Medicine

Have you ever had a really lousy day...the kind where everything that can go wrong does and you can't help but to feel sorry for yourself, gladly taking others down with you? Well, I had one of those days last week but my kids refused to let my mood damper their pure and innocent spirits.

Daniel, Jakey, and I were quietly eating lunch until Jake (in his cute little toddler voice) says "Mommy, mommy, wook at me!!" I look over and this is what I saw:

We all laughed so hard and I was instantly in a better place. What a great reminder to cherish what's important!

June 16, 2010


Well I was going to finish off the cobbler (see post below) but when I got to the kitchen, this is what I found...

(More on this kitten later)

Works for Me Wednesday -- Berries!

I L-O-V-E berries. Their sweet-tart flavor, the deep richness of their colors, pumped with antioxidants (I think they've even been called "super fruits"), they are arguably the most perfect fruit. With no pits or bothersome peels, they are effortless. Just rinse them off and pop a handful into your mouth. The boys are major fans too.

I buy them all year round but I love summertime when berries are abundant and you can easily find them in the supermarkets on sale.

This week our neighbor Bob brought over a basket of his Boysenberries. Straight off the vine, they were still warm from the sun, plump, juicy, and extra tart. After the boys and I were done noshing, we made a cobbler with the leftovers. When I'm done with this post I will finish off that cobbler with some vanilla ice cream and that's why this works for me.

My breakfast on the days I work: berries, greek yogurt, granola

Boysenberry cobbler *BTW this is a must-try Pioneer Woman recipe

Daniel -- almost 3

Jakey -- 16 months