September 23, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday

I had some time today to post but instead of draining myself by talking about my purse again or Jake's appointment, I decided to do something fun. So with a little inspiration (thanks Miranda), I came up with "Top Ten Tuesday."

Top ten favorite things about my two boys are(no particular order):

1. Jakey's wild beach blond hair. It's still sparse at the moment but I see fros in the future.
2. Daniel's hazel eyes and Jake's baby blues.
3. When Daniel leans in to me with puckered lips and says "iss"
4. Jakey's cute chubby achon butt.
5. When the boys make each other laugh with their own little made up game that they won't even let me in on.
6. Jakey's squeal of delight when I threaten him with "I'm gonna get you!"
7. Daniel's dimple smile and Jake's twothy grin (he has two teeth...get it, "twothy"? Ok, that was bad)
8. THE LIP: When they're winding up for a good cry. They both have it but Daniel wins the prize.
9. When Jakey's precious trident hand (achon term) plays with my necklace while I feed him a bottle or snuggle with him.
10. Daniel's emphatic "GOOD MOOOORNING!" He says this every single morning with a smile, even on days when I have to wake him up. This is then usually followed by "Mommy, God light" and I go open the blinds for him.

Some photos to back up my picks...

Wild crazy hair:

The lip:

The lip 2:

The achon butt:

The dimple:

The "iss":

The baby blues:


Sources of Joy said...

I get it, "twofy" LOL. I could even kiss Jakey's tushie, and he's not mine!

Caden and Mommy said...

I love that achon butt!!! :0)
So sorry to hear about your purse .. that sucks. Hang in there with the appointments! I know it's hard. I'm glad we all have eachother to vent to.

Anonymous said...

Jakey will never remember this test jane! I pray you will let it go!
My nephews are tooooo much. I love them so much. I loved your "top ten", it made me cry!And laugh!
Love you all
Julie "Aunt Ju-wee"

Alex said...

the "iss" picture is precious!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh the lip!!! I remember how hard it was not to CRACK UP LAUGHING at Daniel when he would do the lip.... Haha...
Mary AGbovi

Everychapter said...

Oh my word- adorable!! I love those dimples and the lip? So cute! K has the lip too and it's so hard to follow thru with saying no when he does it...