September 14, 2008

My funny boy...

Daniel cracks us up all the time. It is so fun having a 2 year old, they are not terrible at all (truly, no sarcasm). The other day he was playing on his own with his toys and came into the kitchen to tell his daddy "Look daddy, my wuk haf eyeballs!" (translation: look daddy, my truck have eyeballs)

I was in the other room when I overheard this and had to see for myself. He was right! He had placed the eye shaped pieces from his mega blocks through the windows of his truck. So funny! It totally cracked us up.

Daniel is also starting to be more vocal in public. So far this has been cute and innocent. For example, on our walk around the neighborhood just today, we passed up an older gentleman and Daniel waved and shouted "Hi man!" I'm just waiting for the day he starts telling complete strangers our family secrets!


Mike said...

Hehehe! That's hilarious... I remember going through those stages with Evan, although to say it that way implies that he's already out of them! He's still famous for saying embarrassing and inappropriate things very loudly in public!

As far as the second part of my blog that you were ??ing about, I spent much of Labor Day weekend working at a TV studio in South El Monte where a religious group that combines Catholicism with Buddhism to teach eating vegetarian and going green in order to save the planet. That's quite a mouthful... I was doing the lighting for the 2nd anniversary concert for the TV station, and spent 30 hours in two days working on it while the rest of the family was out playing... there's more about that weekend a few posts earlier :-)

Caden and Mommy said...

Welcome to the blog world. Your boys are adorable! I have an adorable 17 month old who has achondroplasia as well!

Kim said...

Hi! I'm Kim. My son Preston is 2 1/2 with achon. Can I link your blog to mine?

Jakey is so adorable and your Daniel sounds very much like Preston-one of his favorite lines is "Hi man." when he sees a man on the street!

Destini said...

Oh, 2 is easy, just wait until 3-4, when they know everything, now that's the real fun! They do say the cutest (and most embarassing) things! Daniel looks so proud of his truck, very cute!

Jaime said...

How funny! It's amazing what kids come up with! Very creative and very thoughtful!

Will you guys be coming up for the Fall LPA Regional? It would be great to meet you. Hope to see you there!

Alex said...

Hi! I'm Alex, I have 2 daughters: 4 years old Samantha who is average height and 3 months old Anaïs who has achondroplasia. Here is my blog:

can I add you to my blog roll?