March 18, 2010

On This Day,10 years ago...

I married the most wonderful man. The past 10 years have been the best of my life and the love I have for my husband has only grown over time. I still get butterflies when I see him and at the end of the day, when it's time for him to come home from work, you can find me anxiously pacing around the house awaiting his arrival(ok, partly because the kids are driving me crazy and I desperately need relief, but mostly I just want to see him). There are so many reasons why I love this man so much but keeping in theme, here are 10 things that made me fall in love:

1. He's incredibly charming. Five years ago this would have been replaced with "the life of the party" which was extremely alluring, but with age and fatherhood he has matured and I love him even more for it.

2. He's the best dad to his two boys. Case in point 1: While on vacation, Daniel had a hard time falling asleep for a nap so David made up the "monster truck story". It was so successful that Daniel still requests it from time to time. I personally think he should publish it. Case in point 2: Everyday after work he goes into the playroom and plays (and I mean on the floor, fully engaged play) cars, trucks, and trains with the boys. Case in point 3: He's very affectionate and everyday he gives the boys hugs and kisses and tells them that he loves them. Case in point 4 through infinity: He changes dirty diapers, gives baths, gets up in the middle of the night, mops up vomit, rocks and sings to sleep, brushes teeth, takes to urgent care, stands in long lines at the pharmacies, drives to school (30 minutes out of his way), etc.

3. He works 40+ hours a week but still finds the time to help me take care of the boys (see #2) AND, helps me do the dishes, clean the floors, fold laundry, pay the bills (he actually does ALL of the household administrative stuff), mow the lawn, etc. without me ever having to ask.

4. He's extremely witty. I don't know where he comes up with some of this stuff but he can still make me laugh.

5. Exceptionally handsome. Case in point 1 and 2: Have you seen our adorable children?

6. Gentle. He gets along better with animals than people, nuff said.

7. He backs me up no matter what and when I'm acting crazy nuts he can talk me down like no other. It's humbling.

8. He's the most generous person, loves to help people, and doesn't ever ask for anything in return. Case in point: one year he helped several people do their taxes (for free) **note this lasted only one year. I put an end to it because he's not a CPA or anything even close to it, but he still helps my niece and nephew.

9. He's quirky/goofy and doesn't mind at all what other people think. Again, I'm laughing all the time at the things he does and says.

10. He gives the best hugs in the world and gives them often and freely to me and the boys. One of his favorite quotes: "You need a hug, a hug can makes everything better."


Sources of Joy said...

awww... happy anniversary!

Mary Zolene said...

So sweet!!! I love the pictures. And thank you for helping us with our taxes that year! Haha...

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! Your husband truly sounds like a wonderful man. It makes me happy knowing these people still exist, since mine was such a total dud. Many more years of happiness and health to you both!

Just call me Red! said...

Aww so sweet! I agree, he's a great guy :) Love the wedding photo. SO beautiful!