January 26, 2010

It Does Snow in San Diego...Part 2

Last year, I was so excited about the snow in our local mountains that I posted it here. Last week, after putting up with 6 straight days of pouring rain, we were once again rewarded with a sunny weekend and snow in the mountains. Snow is a novelty in southern California (and it certainly doesn't last very long) so when it happened again this year, I couldn't resist posting part 2. Just to give you an idea how unaccustomed we are to the snow, David is wearing tennis shoes, I'm wearing jeans, and all three boys are wearing wind pants.

Family of four

Daniel and his friends, Ricky and Kennedy

Jakey and me (my jeans were soaked up to my knees but I didn't care)

Taking a break to warm up in the car


David and Jake

The three boys getting reading to sled down the hill


Emily said...

Wow, that looks like more snow than we've had here in upstate NY! Beautiful! So glad you enjoyed it!

Destini said...

Yay for snow in southern Cali! Cute pics, looks like everyone had fun! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, as we pulled out of the garage yesterday morning, Taylor looked out the window and groaned, "I'm done with snow."

Mary Zolene said...

Awesome!!! Looks like so much fun...wish I was enjoying our snow as much as you! Haha

Proud Mom said...

Looks like so much Fun! Jakey looked happy to be in the warm car!

Kim said...

That actually looks like a lot of snow. I would think you were in Vermont! The boys looked so incredibly happy in the snow. Don't feel bad, when we moved from NY to Virginia we left our snow shovels, I never bought boots again for Preston, I cannot find a pair of snowpants in the entire metro Richmond area because no stores ever order them, and we this weekend are going to have our THIRD huge snow since we have moved.
Beautiful pictures!