January 19, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Not caring if I sound bitter, here are the top ten reasons why my weekend sucked:

1. High temperature --Friday started out with Jakey having a high temperature. At 2 AM he woke up crying and when I went in to check on him, he still had a temp of 101.5 (even with Motrin) so I called and made an appointment for Saturday morning.

2. Ear infection -- Saturday morning's doctor appt revealed an ear infection. He started antibiotics that day.

3. Seizure -- Saturday evening rolled around and this is when the fun began. David was holding Jakey (he wouldn't let us put him down all weekend, David and I traded off) and said he felt really hot. We checked his temp and it was 103.8 degrees. Wow! Jake was really lethargic and didn't look right. Soon after we checked his temp he started having a seizure. I called 911 right away.

4. ER (not Children's Hospital) -- the ER doc came in without even examining Jakey and said "IV, spinal tap, chest x-ray, CT scan..." I talked her down to a chest x-ray and a blood work up. Both came back clear. Several attempts were made to draw an IV line but Jake's veins wouldn't cooperate. Finally I said "stop" and they backed off. They also gave him a breathing treatment and tried to give him a yucky medicine that just made him gag. He ended up throwing up all over me. People kept coming in and out of the room trying to do things to him and Jakey was pissed! He just wanted to sleep. They also gave him a suppository of Tylenol which wasn't fun, but it did bring his temp down. Finally, they concluded that Jake had a febrile (fever induced) seizure and let us go home.

5. Stupid doctor -- Sunday we took Jake in for a follow up at after hours pediatric care and the stupid doc there hardly examined him and said he was fine (well, other than having something viral going on). Nothing much more to do besides antibiotics and trying to keep his temp down. She then proceeded to say that he might have another "febrile" seizure and that we wouldn't need to come to the ER unless the seizure carried on for more than 15 minutes or if he stopped breathing...duh! Sorry lady, I WILL call 911 if this happens again. I won't wait a minute before I do either!

6. Wisdom tooth -- Monday David's jaw hurt so much that he made an emergency visit to a dentist. I wonder how long he was in pain before he couldn't take it anymore because he never said a word with all the stuff going on with Jake. Turns out, he has an infection under one of his wisdom teeth and needs it taken out. THAT doctor only gave him 3 pain pills.

7. Teething -- Jake is so fussy -- a part from the sickness. He keeps sticking his fingers in his mouth and is drooling buckets. He is long overdue for more teeth so I think this could be it.

8. Vomit --lots of it. Monday night (yesterday) I thought the worst was over with Jake until DANIEL starting throwing chunks. He threw up 7 times between 5 PM and 10:00 PM. Poor guy, he had nothing left in him. Turns out HE has an ear infection and most likely a sinus infection too.

9. Haven't slept in my bed since Friday night. On the couch next to Daniel one night (we moved him into the playroom) and on the floor next to Jake's crib the other nights. I AM sleeping in my own bed tonight or I won't survive another day.

10. The house is an abominable mess and I haven't been able to do anything about it.

So that's about it. To top it off it WAS a 3 day weekend with 80 degree weather outside and we had plans to enjoy it. So much for that.

Here is a picture that reflects a little bit of our weekend.

And he wasn't playing with Roomba either. Just waiting for me to give him a glass of water.


Jaime said...

Jane, I'm so sorry for what you have been through in the last few days. I hope that everyone starts to feel better soon! Thinking of you!

Mike said...

Wow - that's awful! I'm glad only two of us got sick here - Caitlin with her pneumonia and Cherylle with her two-week migraine... And we didn't have to deal with stupid doctors! I hope this week really improves quickly for your family!!

Mary Zolene said...

Oh man....wish I was there to bring some soup to your poor little family!!! We will be praying that everyone feels better soon.
Love you

Tonya said...

Jane!! What a busy few days you've had! As with all things, it will make you stronger...even though you wish it would end! Hugs to the family and Jake!! I hope he'll feeling better now!!

Katie said...

Oh wow! You poor thing and your babies! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers that everyone gets feeling better soon. I will say an extra prayer for Jakey that he doesn't have anymore seizures!

Destini said...

Oh, my, what a horrible weekend for everyone! Poor Jakey and Daniel, and David, and totally you - I cannot imagine how exhausted you are! I hope that everyone is all better and you get some much needed rest!

Kim said...

As I am reading this I empathize and I feel so incredibly bad for you. It sucked. Plain and simple. I will not sugar coat it because you are right-it sucked and you hope never to repeat it again. Here's hoping that the next few weekends give you much deserved relaxation and that the kids and your husband feel better. enjoy your bed!

Chad, Dilenna, Ashlynn, and Audree said...

Our doctor told us the same thing when Ashlynn had her seizure. I'm thinking "Yeah right" I will call 911 the second she starts having a seizure again. I totally understand about the puke. I have lost count of how much puke has been in our house since Saturday night and it's Wednesday!!! Hang in there- maybe someday we'll look back and smile but no where in there in the near future:)

Caden and Mommy said...

THAT does SUCK! There is nothing worse than ignorant doctors, husbands in pain and sick kids ... and to deal with it all on a 3 day weekend - JUNK! The seizures would have freaked me out! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon and you can rest up!

Melisa said...

What a terrible weekend! Hope things turn around soon.

Emily said...

Oh no! I must have missed this post! I am so, so sorry for all that you went through last weekened. How awful. I truly hope everyone is feeling much better.

Anthea said...

Hi, Anthea here. I am not sure why no-one can comment on my blog, but thanks for looking. I hope that Jake is feeling better, sounds like an awful experience. Hope all is well and Jake is collecting bugs in no time!! (By the way - they were only shells in his shirt, I would of freaked if they were real.