November 3, 2008

Halloween Highlights

Here are some highlights from Halloween:

Daniel was a "pieced" together pirate. My friend Myra let me borrow two pirate costumes from which he wore the shirt of one and pants of the other. The vest is actually a leather biker's vest that was given to us by Oma when he was just a baby, and the hat, funny enough, was a happy meal prize from about a year ago.

Forget Daniel's weird pose. Let's focus on the cuteness of Jakey. I got him a onesie and hat from Old Navy since I didn't have the energy to hunt down a small enough costume.

Daniel couldn't stop looking at himself in the mirror. I think he was mesmerized by himself and probably why he didn't smile in any of the pictures.

Except of course when he got to go head first down another blow up slide we found at the carnival by our house...crazy kid.

All in all, it was a fun night and Daniel scored some good candy for mommy!

Stay tuned...Jakey's 1st birthday post coming soon!


Mike said...

LOL - You were almost completely unrecognizable as a short-haired brunette!! Looks like the kids had a blast, though - I loved the pic of Jake totally eyeing the candy bucket! He's obviously the smart one :-)

Caden and Mommy said...

The costume looks great, I wouldn't have known it was pieced together had you not said anything. Glad to hear you had a good Halloween! Cute pics

Jaime said...

Jane, it looks like you guys had fun! I agree with Mike, the pic of Jake eyeing the candy bucket is great! He knows where the good stuff is!

Emily said...

Love the pirate! And little Jakey looks adorable! Glad to hear I'm not the only mommy who eats all the kids' Halloween candy!

Destini said...

Daniel makes a great pirate! And Jakey is too cute! Cool Halloween carnival, and a great distraction while you steal candy!

Kim said...

HOw cute are they? I love that Daniel was so impressed with himself! Jakey is ridiculously adorable in that hat! Just want to eat him up! Cannot wait to see the 1st birthday pics!