October 14, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday --D12 Regional

10 awesome things about the D12 regional:

First, a little bit of background (Disclaimer: if you are a LPA member, skip to list, this will be boring). As you all know, Jakey is a lifetime member of LPA. Aside from the National Conference held each year, each district holds semi-annual conferences. Our district (D12) is comprised of California and Nevada. Each district is further divided into local chapters (ours is the San Diego local chapter). This past weekend, Jakey and I flew to San Jose for the fall D12 regional.

1. Jakey did better than expected on the plane. It was his first time flying and although it is only 1 hr, 20 min flight, all hell could have broken loose (those of you who have flown with little children before know what I mean).

2. Parent meeting/workshop. The room was full! We each went around, introducing ourselves and sharing a little of our lives. It was encouraging to hear some of the more seasoned parents as well as relate to some of the concerns of other parents.

3. Welcome reception Friday night. We had our own little circle going. The kids were so adorable playing with each other.

4. San Jose Fairmont. Besides the Bellagio in Las Vegas and for the price, it was the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in.

5. Meeting new friends: Too many to mention but everyone was so friendly and welcoming.

6. Meeting old friends: Ellen and Justin, Mallinson's, Jessica and Audree, Peyton, etc.

7. Dancing after the banquet: The kids had such a blast and it was so cute seeing them get their boogie on. This of course was before the teenage pack hit the floor. Those teens OWN the floor! They came out of no where. I'm not kidding...they just kept coming in. I would see groups of 3-4 throughout the weekend but come Saturday night they ALL come out. I can totally see Jakey as part of gang when he's older. It was cute, some of the parents call them the "rat pack."

8. Johnny Rockets burger. Because of the mad rush of everything, I didn't eat dinner Friday night or breakfast Saturday morning. After all the workshops were over, I found the restaurant across the street from the hotel where I scarfed down the best burger and fries in the world.

9. Jake taking a long, 3 hour nap Saturday afternoon. I watched a marathon of America's Top Model on MTV. I was stuck in a hotel room, what else could I do? Having no guilt watching senseless TV is the best!

10. Coming home to see my other two boys. I know Daniel had a blast with aunt Juu-wee and David probably relished sleeping in, but I was soooo happy to be with my family again. I think Daniel and Jakey actually missed each other too.

Welcome Reception: Jake and the adorable Caty

Welcome Reception: The circle of kids; They kept moving and I couldn't capture all of them at once

The hotel room was spacious and Jake had plenty of room to roam around. The common areas of the hotel were really nice.

Banquet: blog group

Banquet: Jake on the dance floor

Jakey and Justin

Jessica and Audree. The pic is not the most flattering for me but check out Jakey "eyeing" Audree's dinner roll. Cracks me up.

Jake, me, Audree, Matthew, and their dads. Why am I in the dad photo?

I forgot this cutie-pie's name, but she was all over the babies and asked if she could feed Jakey his bottle.

Back home the next day: Daniel and Jakey missed each other

I am truly blessed


Emily said...

What a great experience! I absolutely cannot wait until our first LPA event. Looks like you and Jakey had a great time!

Ever Changing said...

hi, i'm part of the 'blogging family' just really long distance! lol i saw your blog on jaime's page and wanted to know if i could add you. btw, your son is adorable!

Sources of Joy said...

I'm so happy you guys had a good time and that Jakey was ok on the plane. You never know what can happen... (btw, that elipsis...is for you:)

How great to have a whole new family and a rat pack for Jakey as he gets older. I so love reading about your boys. :)

Mary Zolene said...

What an awesome blessing for you to have this support!!! It makes me really happy that the conferenc went well.

melkrivdo said...

No blog. I'm about 20 minutes from Jaime and Caitlyn and would have met you had we gone to this LPA regional. Great pics. Jakey is a cutie! I'm on facebook though. I have Aidan is my 3 year old Achon born about 6 weeks after Caitlyn.


Jaime said...

Jane, like I said in my blog about the regional - it was wonderful meeting you in person and I look forward to many more years of friendship! Jake is adorable and Caitlyn had such a great time playing with him! It will probably be awhile, but I will let you know the next time we are in San Diego.

Alex said...

how wonderful that you guys met in person!!!

Destini said...

Jakey looks like he had a great time - I love him eyeing that dinner roll! The Fairmont hotels are nice, I stayed at the Fairmont in San Francisco earlier this year - what a view of the bay and Alcatraz!

Kim said...

Jakey is so cute. I am a sucker for sweater vests. ADORABLE. I am looking forward to meetin everyone next summer in NY! Keep the pics coming!

How Life Is Measured said...

How fun! I wish I was in the D12!!!

Greene Family said...

So adorable - great pics! It looks like you and Jakey had a great time!

Caden and Mommy said...

Looks like a great time. We haven't attended an LPA event yet. Our district doesn't seem to have that many events. But we will for sure be in NY next year! Jake is adorable! I miss Caden's gummy smile :0)