September 30, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday

Ten Things I cannot live without are:
(Besides my friends and family of course)

1. My Roomba and Scooba -- I AM Monica from Friends when it comes to cleaning and I'm especially particular about the floors (read: everyone must take their shoes off before entering the house). I received Roomba as a Christmas gift and I can't live without it now. As if an automatic vacuum that charges itself when it's done wasn't enough, Scooba came along. Scooba is an absolute Godsend with little babies crawling around on the floor. It washes my kitchen/dining room area tile floors AND the wood floors. I don't want to admit it, but it does a better job than me. Somewhat pricey but so worth it.

2. My Dishwasher -- with the kitchen remodel we bought a new dishwasher and it is the best! I don't have to worry about "top rack" only items melting. I can stash plastic things anywhere and it comes out sparkling clean.

3. Costco -- see Sunday, September 28, 2008 post at "The McMommy Chronicles"

4. Memory Foam Pillow -- Aaahhhhh. It's so comfy and soft AND no more neck pain.

5. Digital Camera and photo shop -- see below

6. My PC -- So much to offer with the Internet, games, Office, photo shop, etc. And sad but true...I prefer e-mail over talking on the phone.

7. Oxy Clean -- If you haven't tried it yet, do it! Grass stains? No problem. Blood? Easy. Blow outs? Yuck!...but bring it on. Tomato sauce? Not even an issue. Grease stains? Depends on how old and how big but pretty darn impressive.

8. Mascara -- It makes the world of difference in a matter of seconds. I never leave home without wearing it.

9. Deodorant -- No explanation needed.

10. Monitor -- The kids will be in high school and I'll still use the monitor! The boys share a room and I'll overhear the funniest things. Just the other day I heard Daniel tell his 11 month old brother "Jee Jee (Jakey), stop talking! Close your eyes now!"

Jakey likes the Scooba too:

Ok, so I'm not the greatest at Photoshop. It's still fun though, isn't it?


Mary Zolene said...

I love your top ten posts.... I always thought the Rumba Scumba thing was a hoax. :)

Sources of Joy said...

Jane, you're so funny. You crack me up. And I love the McMommy post and her entire website. Thanks for the link; I'll remember to go back lots. And I don't see any problem with the photo shopped photo. What, that's not really you?

Chad, Dilenna, Ashlynn, and Audree said...

Oh Jane- you make me laugh!! I love the pictures. And now I want a scooba. I hate cleaning my tile and wood floors just because they never seem to stay clean. Where did you get it at- Christmas is coming up you know :)

Kim said...

That is great! Love the pictures. So glad you added me to your list and you are now added to mine!
I am a neat freak-clean freak too-in my parents' new house they put in a kickplate vaccuum in the kitchen to sweep in the dirt-no more dustpans-it goes right to the central container in the garage!

Destini said...

Love Jake riding the Scooba! I aspire to be a clean freak, but sorry to report it's not happening! What did we do before the internet (highspeed, of course)and cell phones???? I really don't know how we survived.

Katie said...

I found your blog through one of the other LP mom's sites. I didn't know we had another cutie boy in the blog world! I just wanted to comment that I see you are from SD...I am from Rancho Cucamonga. Lived there my whole life until 3 years ago when I moved to Texas, but I go home ALL the time still! I have a 14 month old boy named Cole who is achon!

Emily said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for checking out my blog, so glad to have found yours! You have two very adorable boys and now I am desperately lusting after a Scoomba! Looking forward to following your family adventures.