May 21, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted. To get back in the game, I thought I'd give an update on the Drake household. I'll warn you that this is not the sit-at-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of info, just a lot of small to medium caliber events which collectively, make for a exhausting few months. Some "items" downright sucked and others were huge victories (one in particular). So here it goes...the Top Ten Things the Drake's have been up to:

1. Our house was fumigated due to a termite problem. In addition to the regular termites, we had the subterranean type which come from the ground. In order to get to said termites (the little s**ts), we had to tear up the floor in our playroom/family room. Tearing up floor = carpet out, padding out, wood under carpet out, asbestos filled tile out, and sub floor out. If we didn't have a cement base, you'd see dirt. Did I mention that we have a wet bar in the playroom? The cabinets and sink had to come out too.

2. Daniel got glasses -- According to the opthomologist, his far sightedness is "off the charts." According to the nurse who was about to brush off my concern before I got aggressive, Daniel's squinting is a "childhood habit." According to me, "never underestimate a mother's intuition."

3. Jake got glasses -- What can I say? Both of my children inherited some bad eye genes but Jake's problem is worse. One eye's vision is significantly more impaired than the other. This means that we are going to have to patch one eye.

4. We went to our LPA district regional -- The whole family headed out to OC for a weekend of fun. We met some new friends and reconnected with old friends. Definitely a highlight of the past few months.

5. Jakey's walking! -- Just in time for the regional to show off his moves too. Around his 17 month birthday, he started taking steps on his own. He just took off. He is such a pro now and I am so glad I don't have to oxy clean every single shirt.

6. I literally flushed my cell phone down the toilet -- A random tidbit but too funny to pass up. Plus, this was a lesson learned for me (never text while in a public bathroom) and I'm always willing to put myself out there if others can learn from my mistakes. Without going into extreme details, the phone was under my chin and it accidentally fell into a flushing toilet and got sucked down before I had a chance to react. Not that I would've done anything about it (diving into a toilet is not for me) but I would've liked the opportunity to decide its fate on my own.

7. Ear tubes -- After 6 weeks of sleepless nights, weekly doctors appointments, and 5 different antibiotics, Jake's never-ending ear infection was finally obliterated. He got ear tubes put in at the end of March. No ear issues since then.

8. MRI -- Jake had his follow up MRI at Cedars. The first one in Dec, 2008 was "borderline" per Dr. Danielpour so 4 months later we had another. The results were the same which was actually good news. Because Jake is developmentally doing well and he doesn't show any major physical signs of compression it's a "wait and see" type of situation.

9. I joined facebook and even more of a breakthrough...David joined too. It is partly to blame for my blog neglect.

10. Another totally useless random tidbit, but I needed a #10 so here it goes: While parked at a red light, my 3 year old son witnessed a homeless woman peeing on the side of the road. His conversation to himself(as I was too shocked to say anything): "What is she doing? She's...she's...yes...she IS going potty! Mommy, she's going a dog!"

Finally, some pics of the boys:

Along with walking, Jakey's taken up the habit of giving mom a coronary by climbing up onto side tables!!

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Just call me Red! said...

I loved reading your blog and getting caught up :) By the way I have your movies sitting here. I should have given them to Ledah.. oh well. I will bring them to her going away party.

Destini said...

Wow, what a top ten list! Never underestimate the powerful flush of a public toilet...haha! So glad that Daniel is now seeing correctly, way to get to the bottom of that! Hopefully Jakey will wear his glasses and be able to see too! Yay for Jakey walking! Boo for tearing up the floor - but, hey, you are certified termite free at least! Are we facebook friends? If not, be sure to friend me!

Anthea said...

wow - not sure where I have been. OMG about watching the homeless woman pee ---LOL about Daniels response.

I think I am going to have to go and do the facebook thing again...I am missing too much in this world of blogging.

Glad you are all well.

Mary Zolene said...

WOW- Alot has been going on with you guys!! I need to call you more often but I know you are so busy with the boys. Daniel looks so grown up with his glasses.

EveryChapter said...

#6 and #10 made me laugh out loud! And I love the photo of David reading to the boys- so sweet.