April 16, 2009

Happy Belated Easter!

For some reason, I haven't had the time to update as regularly as I used to. Ok, I'll admit it -- I'm in a blogging funk right now (we all go through it, right?). I wasn't even going to blog about our Easter fun but after someone sent me a subtle "hint hint," I guess I'll post a few pics. After all, I can't deprive you of my adorable children forever. :)

The morning started out with church, followed by an Easter egg hunt at the Smith's house. In this picture all the kids are looking for the prized "golden egg." I wish the picture would have posted bigger because the expression on the kids faces when they realized the egg was discovered is priceless.

Look who's standing (and actually walking...more on that later...when I actually get around to posting again).

The famous group picture. Notice that none of the kids are looking at the camera. It was a challenge to get them to stay in the same vicinity long enough for a couple shots.

In the afternoon the boys had another egg hunt of their very own. One of Catcher's (our dog) bones is behind Jakey in the grass. I think it ended up in the Easter basket as well!

Jakey found a special prize in one of his eggs, a "ca"

This is the closest to a posed picture I could get of Daniel. He was too busy hunting eggs.


Mike said...

Woot! Loved watching him walk so well at the regional, too! Looks like they had a ton of fun at the egg hunt!

Emily said...

Adorable pics! Your boys are so handsome!

Mary Zolene said...

I love the pictures!!!! Holiday's are so much more fun with little ones running around. Haha...
Thanks for posting.
Love Mary

Tiffany said...

Such cute pictures!

Kim said...

What handsome boys you have!!!! They are just so spiffy and handsome in their Easter best! Insofar as where I buy Preston's clothes-you can find age appropriate clothes in stores like Old Navy, Gap, even Kohl's-pretty much any place where you can get separates. Even though Jake is still in 3/6 months-try Kohl's this summer for shorts-they are not long at all, elastic waist and then you can mix and match any shirts with them!