December 17, 2008

The MRI is done! I glad that is over. Now I can finally focus on Christmas.

Jake was an all star and overall the day went as smoothly as I would have hoped. Your prayers and thoughts were felt throughout the day. Thanks to all who left words of encouragement, they all meant so much to me and really helped calm my nerves.

In the days before the test I was really stressed out. Knowing the risks of general anesthesia for achondroplasia made it worse than it probably should've been. I have a print out of a list of all the anesthesia considerations/complications, summarizing an actual journal article. Have any of the other POLP parents ever read that summary before? Several times it mentions the "squashing of nerves" in the neck area! What the heck!!??? Not good to read the day before your child goes under for the very first time.

Other stress factors included:
* the 2.5 hour drive to LA and trying to beat the horrible traffic to be there at 7 AM
* not being able to feed Jakey anything 8 hours before the test (I could give him clear liquids 2 hours before, but they said "no" to the thickener he needs to avoid that was out)
* going alone!!!
* not knowing how Jakey would recover but having to be back at work the next day

So, I'm not just a drama queen, right? My feelings were valid, right? Did other parents bust out crying when they saw their precious little one fall asleep? Man, was it quick. At one moment he was looking up at me with those big blue eyes and the next (we're talking like 30 seconds), he was out.

So, I said your prayers were felt...and in such a real way.

First of all, my dad told me that he would go with me. I didn't ask him because I wanted to seem strong for both of my parents. I think I put on that mask for most people. Inside I'm really that little girl who needed her daddy more than she wanted to admit. He woke up at the butt crack of dawn (actually WAY before, 3:45 AM to be exact) to go with me.

David couldn't go because he's in the academy, which is basically boot camp. His first training officer wouldn't even let him carry his cell phone. That morning he asked another training officer and he told him "yes"!

It rained ( = poured) in San Diego all day Monday. Tuesday it was clear. Wednesday (today) it poured again. This is significant! Southern Californians don't drive in the rain. I'm telling you God was watching over us.

Jakey was a doll the drive up AND while we waited for over 2 hours before the MRI began. Can you imagine holding a 13 month old squirmer for 2 hours? All he wanted to do was play on the floor. No way I would let him on the hospital floor. Yikes! But he put up with me holding him for 2 hours and didn't complain about being hungry.

The procedure took 2.5 hours. After, they let us walk (but not touch) with Jakey to the recovery room. He was waking up along the way and that little whimper was like angles singing in my ears!

Once the flock of nurses in the PACU (post anesthesia care unit) did what they did, I was allowed to hold him and feed him a bottle. The poor little guy was like jello in my arms. He couldn't even hold his head up. He was a little fussy but a sweet angel once he had something to drink. He sat quietly in my arms for the next hour and a half while they continued to monitor him. The worst part was when they tore the heart monitor sensors off his chest and pulled out the IV.

The drive home was great. We got out early enough to just beat rush hour and Jakey slept the whole way.

I took him to my parents today (vs daycare) and they said he was his usual self. As if nothing had happened. I was a bit tired at work but luckily the rain kept most of my patients from coming in and I caught up on paperwork (and some gossip). I'm not kidding, southern Californians don't know what to do when it rains. We are afraid of it.

So that was our experience. Sorry this was so long. I know there are some people reading this who would've wanted details and to avoid repeating myself I wrote a book. It was also our first experience and I promise not to write so much next time.


Jaime said...

Jane, I'm so happy to hear that all went well for Jakey and that he was a trooper! I've been thinking of you!

As for the rain in San Diego - I talked to my brother today and he told me it was absolutely pouring. He also mentioned that Southern Californians don't know how to drive in the rain - sounds like your thoughts are along the same line!

So glad to hear that all went well and that Jakey's back to his playful self!

Ever Changing said...

So happy to hear that everything went well! The first time Lilah had to get her MRI's done, I cried to when she went under, less then 10 secs for her, and I didn't even get to kiss her!
I'm not looking forward to many of those, but I know they are for her own good!
Hope the images turn out with positive news!

Mary Zolene said...

I am glad you told the whole story!!! I was thinking and praying for you. So glad that you could see God's hand through out the day.
Our love to you!!!

Mike said...

We're glad everything went well! Now we'll just pray that the results turn out well also... and now that you've got slightly less on your mind we'll get around to replying to your e-mail - we figured you had enough on your plate right now!

Rain? Heck, it's snowing just a few miles away from us! I still remember living in Bakersfield (south end of California's Central Valley, where summer temps are routinely over 110F) when it snowed three inches overnight - the entire town shut down for the day! Businesses were closed, schools were closed, and people drove around town assuming that the traffic lights weren't valid because it was snowing outside! Southern Californians are nuts...

Emily said...

Sounds like Jakey was a real trooper! And of course your feelings are's NEVER easy to let your baby go for any kind of procedure. So glad to hear it sent well!

Chad, Dilenna, Ashlynn, and Audree said...


Isn't it so refreshing to know that God is in control of everything? It makes it so much easier to just let our fears go, just as you did for your little guy. Plus, I think he's given you a very resilient little boy who is going to grow up strong and confident in the Lord.

Kim said...

Wow! I am glad that Jakey was a little peach for the whole day and yes it is hard to see your child go for any procedure. I was not allowed in the rooms for Preston's hernia or ear tubes so I never saw him fall asleep but I chewed my nails to the quick until all was over! So happy that he is back to his playful little self!

Melisa said...

Happy to hear that the MRI went well. Considering the weather, Jakey pulled through like a little charmer! Aidan has had a couple MRI's and a couple CT scans all under general anesthesia and he did very well. The first time was exhausting for me and it is always so hard to see him get knocked out. I'll be looking for another posting on the results.